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Here at Captain Tom Playground we value small teams that do big things. Each of our team members works extremely hard to make your visit at Captain Tom the most memorable one. We bring our unique talents to the table – while focusing on a bottom line of ensuring our clients have the most fun and feel the best while enjoying.


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Definitely, you should be able to identify an awesome indoor playing ground, when you see one. CaptainTom was clearly mapped out from start to finish with the kids in mind.. Captain Tom indoor playing ground offers a full array of fun, entertaining space where kids can be physically active!

Here are 5 reasons why parent and children choose Captain Tom Playground

Spacious Playing Ground

We have a space big enough to create the activeness and excitement needed for every child.


We never compromise your children safety; as we have built the indoor playing ground to be very safe for children to play from start to finish.

Quality Hands

Your child will rarely miss your present; as we have a loving parent like workers to guide and make your child feel at home.


This they say; it’s the best teacher. You can be sure that CaptainTom has you covered with our years of experience catering for children.

Best Price

We give you quality services at affordable price. There is no reason to spend so much when you can enjoy so much with us by spending so little.


Our activities are specially designed for maximum fun

our activities


Indoor Playground

Captain Tom Indoor playground a 800sqm full of fun place. The playground is spread over three floors, each floor with different play events. We have toddler play area with soft play equipment, trampoline, giant slides, ball blaster, bridge, tunnel and big fiber glass slide etc.. We accept children between the age of 0 – 12 into the indoor playground.


Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park of 750sqm, covered under a Bedouin Tent of 1,200sqm. We Guarantee hours of fun for you and your family with the unique mix of features of our trampoline parks. The activities include, Dodgeball, Bubble Jump, Giant Airbag, Tumble Tracks. Our Under 7 zones, is a reserved area for young jumpers between the age of 0-7 years. (Special arrangement has been made shower and changing room).


Skate park

A multi-purpose recreational place made for skateboarding where our young ones are free to enjoy the different ramps specially designed for them

Captain Tom Policies

Captain Tom Indoor & Outdoor playground is NOT a Full Service Child care center. Parents are responsible for their children’s safety and behavior at all times. Supervisors in the Playground are there to assist with play, reinforce playground rules and keep equipment & toys in order.

Parents May Enjoy the Cafe Area While Children are in the Playground IF:

                1. Child is 2 years old or older and/or can play and climb independently
                1. They are happy-If a crying child cannot be consoled, the parent or guardian will take child out of the playground
                1. They obey supervisors instructions- after 2 warnings, child will be asked to “take a break” with parent. Parent or guardian will be notified of any child’s misbehavior. Captain Tom’s staff reserves the right to deny access to any child as a result of continued behavior problems

General Playground Rules:

                1. Anti slips socks must be worn parents and children
                1. NO outside Food or Drink NO EXCEPTIONS
                1. NO roughhousing
                1. ONE AT A TIME on slides and trampoline
                1. NO fighting
                1. NO screaming or excessive loud noise
                1. Respect equipment, toys and others
                1. NO toys on trampoline or slide
                1. NO sharp or glass objects or clothing. Please leave toys at home or outside playground area.
                1. For safety reasons, Captain Tom’s staff reserves the right to refuse admittance to a child if the number of children exceeds capacity

All Members must comply with all of Captain Tom’s playground policies and procedures. The policies and procedures may be amended by Captain Tom. Policies and procedures or has otherwise behaved in a manner contrary to the best interest of Captain Tom or its members.

Health Related Issues

Risk of Illness or Injury — The Visitors is also aware of the risk of injury inherent in any playground setting. Although Captain Tom works diligently to provide a safe environment, certain risks, whether inherent in the playground itself or caused by the actions of other participants in the playground, are unavoidable. In that regard, the Visitors acknowledges that Captain Tom has limited ability to control the actions and conduct of other users of the facility and acknowledges that another user of the facility, through his negligence or misconduct, may cause injury or harm to the visitor or his Family. The Visitors accepts the common risks associated therewith by having his children participating at Captain Tom.

Illness — If any adult or child Member is ill, he/she should not enter the facility until they are well again. Captain Tom reserves the right to ask any adult or child using the facility to leave the premises if they are ill and management determines, in their sole discretion, that such illness presents a risk to either the user or other users of the facility. A visitor must also be aware that exposure of the visitor and the visitor’s children to diseases is an inherent problem in any place where multiple people congregate and especially a play care facility. The visitor accepts the common risks associated therewith by participating and having his children participate in the Captain Tom’s Playground.

Emergency — The Visitors hereby release Captain Tom and its personnel from all liability with respect to any emergency care provided. The Visitors further acknowledges that Captain Tom does not have a medical staff available and can provide only such emergency or other medical treatment as the common layperson can provide and must rely hospital personnel to provide any emergency and medical care.


Valuables and Personal Belongings— Visitors should not bring valuables onto the Playground premises as the facility, as a place of public accommodation, cannot ensure that they can be stored in a manner securing them from theft. If a visitor does bring valuables, he/she is solely responsible for their safekeeping and should not allow such valuable out of their sight and possession. Captain Tom, its agents, officers or employees shall not be liable for the loss, theft of, or damage to the personal belongings of Members or their guests.

Personal. Guests are welcome to take pictures of themselves, their friends and family, their group, and the scenery in general, for their own personal use. However, NO cameras of any kind (including cell phones) are allowed on any ride or attraction, because such items pose a safety hazard..

In addition, no one is permitted to take photographs of others who object, or which violate another’s privacy, rights to publicity, or which are harassing, stalking, or threatening. Image taking or recording is strictly prohibited, under all circumstances, in bathrooms, changing rooms, and locker areas; violators may be held for law enforcement, and are subject to arrest and prosecution.

The Park May Take and Use Images & Video of All Guests. The Park at all times reserves the right to videotape patrons, and take still images, and to utilize those images and videos for any reason, including marketing, advertising, promotion, on social media, live streaming on the Internet, for safety and security, for documentation as evidence in a legal or criminal matter or other investigation, for news reporting, and otherwise in an unrestricted manner for legitimate purposes. All property ownership of such materials, and copyright in and to all such materials, shall belong exclusively to Park in perpetuity, without any compensation or other consideration to any guest or other person in, on or around the Park property.

Commercial. Commercial photography of any kind is strictly prohibited (including without limitation, still or moving images, modeling shots, student films, comedy routines, documentaries, commercials, TV news, major motion picture films, Internet soap operas, reality TV, actor demo reels, submission videos for reality TV, footage as part of a school project, documentation of stunts and dangerous activities (whether for commercial use or not), promotional videos, music videos, cable programs, etc.), except where prior, written permission has been obtained from the Park’s owner in the form of a contract signed by an executive within Park’s corporate office.

In any event where unauthorized video or images has been uploaded to any social media channel, Park shall have the unrestricted and exclusive right and authority to have such materials removed. Any materials which defame the Park may result in legal action for damages, and the Park shall have absolute right and authority to obtain both temporary and permanent injunctions from the further use or dissemination of such material, in all channels and all mediums of communications, throughout the world, whether now known or hereafter devised, and to obtain all materials and obtain an order for the destruction of all such materials.

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